Avenue 75


Shop 36-41, G/F, South Seas Centre,75 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui Hong Kong


2721 3938

Working Hours:

Monday - Friday: 12:00 - 22:00
Saturday: 15:00 - 22:00 (Covid Period)

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Avenue 75 Bar and Eatery, a brand new landmark opened its doors lately in Tsim Sha Tsui East. Not just about the handcrafted cocktails, the young bartender Shane Siu is also the creative mind and hands behind the wall paintings, attracting a lot of fans who love the uniqueness and the artsy-craftsy Edwardian club. The bar provides not only a substantial selection of cocktails, spirits and beers, but also Asian-inspired food menu to satisfy one’s appetite with quality food and drinks.

“Life is just a little more alive after the first few drinks.”—Atticus.

From a glass of cocktail to the wall are all canvas of the bartender Shane Siu, a young and talented mixologist who worked in famed bars like Flint of JW Marriot Hotel and Dr. Fern’s, is also the winner of Absolut Vodka invite 2017. She has been passionate about Art and is always looking for possibilities to incorporate inspirations into her work. With the opening of Avenue 75 Bar and Eatery, everything in the bar is the canvas of the bartender, from her first own cocktails menu creation to the wall painting and handwriting are telling her art senses and creativity. A real “dream comes true” moment for the artist-mixologist.

Avenue 75 Bar and Eatery 是一個全新的地標,最近在尖沙咀東開業。 不僅僅是手工調製的雞尾酒,年輕的調酒師Shane Siu也是壁畫背後的創意頭腦和手,吸引了很多熱愛獨特和藝術的愛德華時代俱樂部的粉絲。 酒吧不僅提供種類豐富的雞尾酒、烈酒和啤酒,還提供亞洲風味的美食菜單,以優質的食物和飲料滿足您的食慾。
“Life is just a little more alive after the first few drinks.”—Atticus.

從一杯雞尾酒到牆上,都是調酒師Shane Siu的畫布,她是一位年輕且才華橫溢的調酒師,曾在 JW Marriot Hotel 的 Flint 和 Dr. Fern's 等著名酒吧工作過,也是 2017 年絕對伏特加邀請的獲勝者。 對藝術充滿熱情,並一直在尋找將靈感融入她的作品的可能性。 隨著 Avenue 75 Bar and Eatery 的開業,酒吧里的一切都是調酒師的畫布,從她第一次自己製作雞尾酒菜單到壁畫和筆跡,都在訴說著她的藝術感和創造力。 藝術家調酒師真正的“夢想成真”時刻。


Special Menu:
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Fountain of Life

Screenshot 2021-05-06 at 1.27.05 AM.jpg

Woman Perfume

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The Aquacade


Perfume Tree based White Negroni Twist


Art based cocktail created by Avenue 75 Artist


Crafted cocktail with sea breeze like flavour which is very fresh and fizzy


Perfume Trees Gin
Pineapple Bianco
Italicus Rossolio de Bergamotto


Oolong Tea Infused Gin
Mango Juice
Lemon Juice
Simple Syrup


Rapid Infused Cardamom Gin
Thai basil and Lime Cordial
Fino Sherry
Himalayan Salt Soda
Prosecco Foam


Grapefruit Peel


Oolong Hinoki Foam


Thai Basil