The Old Man


Lower G/F, 37-39 Aberdeen Street, Soho, Central, Hong Kong


2703 1899

Working Hours:

Monday-Saturday 17:00-02:00 Sunday 17:00-00:00

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The Old Man, a tiny bar in Soho serving some of the most inventive and intriguing cocktails in Hong Kong.

Award winning cocktail bar inspired by the 1952 Ernest Hemingway novel about a Cuban fisherman and the biggest catch of his life, The Old Man is the first Hemingway-themed bar in Hong Kong with a distinctly Asian touch. Located on Aberdeen Street with an award-winning bar team, fans and drinking connoisseurs alike can gather and sip on inventive libations in memory of the brilliant writer and cocktail enthusiast.

After it’s opening in summer 2017, The Old Man quickly received Tatler’s Best Cocktails award less than half a year later. Since then, the establishment has only gone from strength to strength. The Singapore branch of The Old Man opened in earlier 2018, bringing the distinctive brand of esoteric cocktails to the Lion City.

The Old Man Hong Kong was awarded as #1 Best Bar in Asia 2019 / #2 2020, as well as made it in World’s 50 Best Bars #9 2019.

The Old Man 是 Soho 區裡供應香港最具創意和魅力的雞尾酒的一家小酒吧。

屢獲殊榮的雞尾酒吧靈感來自 1952 年歐內斯特·海明威 (Ernest Hemingway) 的小說,該小說講述了一位古巴漁民和他一生中最大的收穫,The Old Man 是香港第一家以海明威為主題的酒吧,具有明顯的亞洲風味,位於阿伯丁街,擁有屢獲殊榮的酒吧團隊,粉絲和品酒鑑賞家都可以聚集在一起品嚐創意飲品,以紀念這位才華橫溢的作家和雞尾酒愛好者。

2017 年夏季開業後,不到半年時間The Old Man就獲得了 Tatler 的最佳雞尾酒獎。從那時起,我們的業務便不日漸強大。The Old Man的新加坡分店於 2018 年初開業,將獨特的神秘雞尾酒品牌帶到獅子城。The Old Man Hong Kong 榮獲 2019 年亞洲最佳酒吧第一名和2020 年第二名,以及 2019 年世界 50 佳最佳酒吧第 9 名。


Special Menu:
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Dangerous Summer

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Summer in Bimini

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Moveable Feast


Twist on a whiskey sour with egg yellows instead of whites, with very unusual texture and aroma. Inspired by Cantonese mango sago


Refreshing twist on G&T, with garden ingredients and salted grapefruit


Ernest Hemingway was an unofficial cocktail ambassador, he was the person who introduced Bloody Mary to HK, when he was here during his honeymoon in 1941. We are proud to have a special twist with sands and clams with oysters


Kiwi whisky 45 ml, Koji rice 20 ml, Mango monin puree 10 ml, lemon curd 20 ml, vetiver spray


Tanqueray gin 40 ml, Salted grapefruit 25ml, Seedlip Garden 15ml, carbonated


Sands&Clams distillate 40ml, Clarified spiced tomato 45ml, Salted coconut syrup 15 ml, clarified lemon juice 15 ml


Liquorice salt


Grapefruit peel


Oyster leaf